Xavier Rodés

Short biography

“… free drawing: At school, the teacher announced it when there was no definite task to do, or did not want to saturate our brains with dictations, essays or sums, free drawing, it was what I liked most about school and So I decided to devote my life to this concept: permanent free drawing.

And so I went through the Elissava and Eina schools, in which I graduated in art. Then began the painting exhibitions and what is known as a profession. For the last 20 years I have carried my work in a lot of galleries throughout Catalonia, Spain, France, Switzerland, etc. I have also exhibited in the United States and Argentina. My painting is figurative and leans towards the landscape genre, but I do everything. You can see a sample in the Sala Parés in Barcelona and in the Ansorena gallery in Madrid, mainly. The collaboration with Pou Nou is born from the desire to deepen the enlightenment, sharing with the public a more playful, informal and searching side of my work. “